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Apr 18

conclusion, we need to change the justice about the juvenile to help them don’t have to go to the jail with the adult because this very dangerous to them. We need to teach the juvenile how to be the good citizen and take them go to the good way. But the juvenile have to think and know how to get away from the jail, this is the big problem because success or not just by their mind.

Apr 15

juvenile needs more help

juvenile as young as age seven or above don’t try anything to make your go to prison with adults 

 agree with that idea because that is bad and don’t think about that

the earliest juvenile  justice reformed as child saver

i think that is the best way to save juvenile don’t go to prison with adults

actually everything is possible if juvenile know they need to think about that and think that is bad and they can know how they need to do and how to act



Apr 15


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I think the teens should be punished in the right way.

The best way to punished them is to put activities for help to the communities or people who need it.

I think is not a good idea to send them to prisions with old people.


Apr 13

what’s up?

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good morning. phuong

Apr 13

what’s up people

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how you doing?

Jonathan Hrrera

Apr 13


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hey what’s up??



Apr 13


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how are your doing today? trung

Apr 13


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  1. Eii people how are you?
Apr 13

Hello world!

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